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Terms of Use

This domain is the exclusive property of AKERTEC PHARMA, SL, (henceforth AKERTEC), located on C/ Resina, 33 – 28021 Madrid – CIF/VAT ES B87733176. Registered in the Madrid Mercantile Register.

The following general conditions regulate the access and use of the page online portal, through which the AKERTEC association advertises and offers its services.

The user is advised to read the following guidelines carefully. Accessing this website and using the content provided in it implies that they have read and accept these conditions without any reservations.

In addition, AKERTEC can establish special conditions that regulate the use and/or contracting of specific services offered to users via this website. Before using and/or contracting said services please read the following conditions closely. The use and/or contracting of these services implies complete acceptance of these special conditions.



1.1 The term “general conditions” refers to the collective set of rules that regulate the access, use, navigation and/or contracting of services by the user, with respects to website content.

1.2 The term “website” refers to the online portal: and all content and hyperlinks that redirect the user to materials that are the property of AKERTEC.

1.3 The term “user” refers to as any person that accesses, browses, uses and/or makes use those services and activities that have been developed by the website.

1.4 The term “contents” refers to all information that is displayed on this website, including but not limited to titles, text, information, databases, graphics, photos, designs, software, music and videos.



AKERTEC by default is the owner of all industrial and intellectual property rights contained in this webpage and all of its content. The user agrees to respect all industrial and intellectual property rights held by the website. The user may view website content, and even print, copy, and store them on their hard drive or on any other physical memory drive provided that it is only and exclusively for their private and personal use. Therefore, transformation, distribution, public communication, modification, alteration, decompilation and any other form of website content exploitation by the user is it is expressly forbidden without the expressed written consent of AKERTEC. Furthermore, the user is forbidden from deleting, altering or manipulating any protective provision or security system that has been installed in this website.



3.1 User access to is free and unrestricted, however some of the services provided through the website by either AKERTEC or third parties may be subject to the prior contract of services and/or the payment of a sum of money as defined by the corresponding Special Conditions.

3.2 It is forbidden for underage persons to contract the services offered by this website, without the explicit consent of their parents, legal guardians, or tutors, who in turn will be responsible for ensuring that the underage person in question’s actions are complaint with current legislation.

3.3 Should the user have to register with the website in order to use and/or contract its services, they will be responsible for providing true and legitimate information. Should the user be given a password as a result of their registration, they are solely responsible for maintaining confidentiality of their passwords as supplied by AKERTEC.

Furthermore, it will be the responsibility of the user to provide complete and accurate information as prompted by all forms contained within the website.


The user will be held fully responsible for the any illicit use of information that has been obtained from this website, regardless of whether it through their own actions or through the illicit actions of any third party to whom they have to whom they have passed said information.


Therefore, the user is responsible for immediately notifying website administrators should any situation arise which allows for unauthorised use or passwords and identification, such as robbery, loss or unauthorised access to their account, so that they may proceed with the cancellation of the user’s account. Until such notification has been given, AKERTEC is exempt from all responsibilities regarding the unauthorised use of the user’s account and information.


3.4 The user is held fully responsible for their use of the website. This means that they are obligated to use website content correctly and lawfully.


3.5. The user also agrees:

3.5.1 Not to use website content for illegal or immoral purposes, or for purposes that contravene community standards or public order.

3.5.2 Not to reproduce, copy, distribute, use, or modify any content without the expressed written consent of the website.

3.5.3 Not to use any content for purposes that are harmful or otherwise prohibited by AZERTEC

3.5.4 Not to use website content in any way contrary that might be illegal or unlawful



4.1 This website contains content prepared by AKERTEC for informative and advertising purposes. The user should take into consideration that such information may not reflect the latest legislative developments or legal precedents regarding the matter analysed. Likewise, that the content may be modified, expanded, or updated without prior warning.

4.2 The links included in this web site may redirect the user to other websites managed by third parties, over which AKERTEC exercises no control. AKERTEC is not responsible for the contents or the state of these websites, nor should it be assumed that AKERTEC supports or approves of their contents, nor that it has any type of commercial relation or dependency on these pages.

4.3 AKERTEC does not guarantee, nor is it responsible for: continuing or updating website content; any errors that may appear in said content, nor their correction; the absence of viruses and/or malware in the website or in the administrative server; possible website vulnerability, content failure, the resulting damages that may occur, and for all damages that occur as a result of failure to adhere to these general conditions.

4.4 However, AKERTEC declares that it has taken all the necessary measures, within its capacities and the state of current technology, to guarantee the operation of its contents and online services and prevent the existence and transmission of viruses and other forms of malware, and any damage they may pose to the user.



5.1 AKERTEC may contact those users who have previously authorised it.

5.2 AKERTEC may send commercial communications by these means containing information regarding services and events on behalf of both AKERTEC and its sponsors.



The user accepts AKERTEC’s use of cookies and tracking of IPs in order to collect data. However, if the user wishes they may deactivate and/or eliminate these cookies by following the instructions found on their internet browser, should they wish to avoid tracking and use of said data.



7.1 Should the user send information of any kind to the website, the former declares, guarantees and accepts that it is within their rights to do so, so long as such information does not infringe upon industrial property rights, or he confidentiality agreement.

7.2 The user, assumes full responsibility, to no liability of AKERTEC, for any communications that they make personally or in their name, that may not meet the conditions of the previous section. LINK TO OUR WEBSITE. The link may only redirect the user to the home page of the website. Through the website, AKERTEC may host third parties and allow them to advertise or offer their services, or create hyperlinks with their won page. With regards to such cases, AKERTEC is not responsible for establishing General and Special Terms of Use that cover the use, receipt, or contracting of third party services. AKERTEC does not authorise the posting of links on its website that may lead to webpages that contain content, software, or information that is illegal, degrading, obscene, or that is otherwise immoral contravenes community standards or public order.



AKERTEC may at any time modify the conditions that are set out here, being duly published as they appear here. Said conditions will be in effect during the time they are displayed and will be valid until they are modified by other duly published conditions.



9.1 The headings of these provisions are purely illustrative, and do not affect, value, or open to interpretation the contents and the rules that they establish.

9.2 Shouldna discrepancy arise between anything established in these general conditions and the specific conditions for each service, the latter will prevail.

9.3 Failure by AKERTEC to exercise any rights that are conferred upon them by these provisions does not constitute a renunciation of said rights, unless recognised and communicated in writing by AKERTEC.



10.1 However, in cases where legislation foresees the possibility of both parties submitting to a Court, AKERTEC and the user both renounce the right to any other courts that may apply, and submit to the courts an tribunals of the city of Madrid.

10.2 AKERTEC complies with the current Spanish legislation.

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